6 LGBTQIA+ Influencers To Know And Follow

Pride Month is coming to a close and while all the glitter, rainbows and fun events have been more than great, we’re here to celebrate all those gorgeous babes that identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community. We believe love is love no matter who you are and how you identify. We will always be strong supporters of the community.

This Pride Month, we want to share with you six gorgeous individuals who are creating incredible content while making an impact in the LGBTQIA+ community and spreading awareness for social acceptance and political reform. Read about them, follow them, and support them.

1. Nikki Tutorials


Nikki de Jager, also known by her 16.1 million followers on Instagram alone as @nikkitutorials, came out in a Youtube video in 2020. Since then she has been living her truth boldly and posting fabulous makeup looks and tutorials.

2. Chella Man 


Chella Man is not only a model and actor, but he is legally deaf, trans, and fights for the equality of the LGBTQIA+, deaf and Chinese-Amerian communities. He’s 

a force to be reckoned with. 

3. B Hawk Snipes 


B Hawk Snipes, also known as the “non-binary kween of NYC” is a non-binary trans model who slays the runway and also LGBTQIA+ events, groups, and rallies as a host. She has saved activism stories on her Instagram filled with inspirational and educational content on how to get involved with the movement.

4. Steroid Beyonce


Devin-Norelle also known as @steroidbeyonce on Instagram is an advocate and writer for publications like Teen Vogue, GQ, Out Magazine, and Allure, plus a Muse 100 honoree. Ze dedicates his social platform to discussions and education on gender-affirming surgeries, neopronouns, HIV/AIDS, and more. 

5. Kaitlyn Herbert


Kaityln Herbert is a master hairstylist and owner of Tomboy Hair Care. She’s a mother of 2. Her main goal is to spread positivity and to inspire others to be unapologetically you.

6. A Lions Fear



Aydian Dowling of @alionsfear, is the first transgender man to land the cover of Men’s Health Magazine. He’s a dad and an activist that started PointofPride.org, a Transgender Non Profit helping those in need of life-saving surgeries. Not only that be he’s a spear and a host who is changing the landscape of the transgender community.