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Article: Two Must-Have Tech Products To Keep At Hand When You're On The Go

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Two Must-Have Tech Products To Keep At Hand When You're On The Go

We live in an ultra-connected world where work and play are two sides of the same coin – your smartphone! Whether you need to keep your TEAMs messenger up to date or capture content for social media, smartphones are a vital part of our lives – some even say it’s an extension of our own hands! So while you’re constantly on the go, at school, working, creating content or just enjoying life, RIKI LOVES RIKI has two tech products you’ll want to keep on you at all times: The NEW RIKI Jet Setter and the RIKI Powerful!


The RIKI Jet Setter is the iPhone case to replace all phone cases – seriously. Not only does it protect your phone, but it also consists of five different functions, including a photobooth function, because you never know when the perfect selfie moment arises. And like all RIKI mirrors, you have full brightness control with five levels to choose from and color temperature adjustment, including daylight lighting. The fourth button allows you to decide where to focus the illumination, in the front for selfie mode or the back of the case for regular photos, and the fifth button connects to your smartphone's Bluetooth so that you can easily take photos with a press of a button as opposed to the phone screen. The RIKI Jet Setter gives you full flexibility over when and where you want to create content or memories. No need to worry about natural lighting or shooting content only during the day because, with the Jet Setter, you’ll have a phone case packed with the best lighting technology on the market. We recently just launched the sparkle edition, which makes it a perfect chic accessory to match your outfit and style!


The RIKI Powerful is a tool you’ll definitely want to keep at hand at all times that will not only keep you looking snatched but will also keep your smartphone fully charged at all times. RIKI Powerful is an LED-lighted mirror the size of an iPhone with five brightness levels and a power bank with two charging ports so that your phone is always fully charged. RIKI Powerful is definitely a must-have for nights out with friends where most restaurants, bars, and lounges are dimmed low with poorly-lit bathrooms for those necessary touch-ups of your favorite lip combo, and a fully charged phone is important for those late hours when you need to call a cab or Uber.

Lighted travel makeup mirror and power bank in one

Not only are both products great for everyday use when you’re out and about, but they’re also ideal for traveling! The RIKI Jet Setter phone case will brighten up any location or selfie while sightseeing, visiting museums, or when you’re taking quick smiling snaps in front of landmarks like the Eiffel Tower. Plus, since it literally becomes one with your iPhone, it takes up NO space – which is a luxury when traveling, am i right


RIKI Powerful is also important to keep at hand for flights and long traveling days at the airport when you need to keep your phone charged, but don’t want to look around for an available outlet. Plus, being the size of an iPhone itself, it’s perfect for fancy dinners at those 5-star restaurants you’ve researched before traveling abroad and fun tropical nights out with friends where good lighting is always hard to find.

You can’t go wrong with either one of these. They both include GLAMCOR’s proprietary lighting technology for guaranteed brightness at every level!

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