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How To Use

Turn on your Riki Skinny lighted mirror and get ready for an upgraded at-home GLOfacial Hydration Facial experience. Charge tool before starting treatment. Prep GLOfacial for treatment by pressing the desired Treatment Tip firmly onto the tool with the tab positioned upward. Remove Treatment Chamber (left) and pour concentrate to the fill line. Fill the remainder with water to dilute. Press and hold power button to turn on tool. Push button again to start in low suction mode. Holding the tool upright, prime it against your palm until you feel suction and dampness. Then, hold skin taut, keep tool upright and glide along damp skin until Treatment Chamber is empty. 
  • Press + 1 for low suction
  • Press + 2 for medium suction
  • Press + 3 for high suction
  • Hold tool upright for best experience.
  • Do not aggressively shake or drop tool. When tool is in suction mode, do not turn tool upside-down.
  • Prime GLOfacial on the inside of your palm to get all of the concentrate mix moving
  • Use the Small Tip for your nose and chin (this is where you will get the most gunk!) and Large Tip for larger areas such as cheeks and forehead
  • Leave all parts open to dry overnight (like a baby bottle after cleaning)