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Customized HD Daylight Lighting

Five Stage Dimming

Rechargeable Battery

Bluetooth Selfie Function

The RIKI SKINNY is the best, lightest and brightest mirror in the beauty market.
RIKILOVESRIKI tells you about the lighting you need to improve skincare routine
RIKI SKINNY face mirror features 5 stage dimming lights

Explanation of CRI from RIKILOVESRIKI
RIKI SKINNY features a 90+ CRI that makes you look much better with the lighting

RIKI SKINNY attachment introduction

FaceTime & Selfie Phone Clip

3x Magnify Mirror

RIKI SKINNY makeup mirror with lights comes with a magnetic magnifying mirror

Adjustable Stand

RIKI SKINNY vanity mirror is also a great content creation tool that allows to go livestreaming, take selfie with bluetooth, and crafting YouTube tutorials

The dimensions of RIKI SKINNY makeup vanity mirror

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