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The best Hollywood mirror in the world? That was our goal. It took three years to develop the only high-definition, color temperature adjustable lighted Hollywood mirror. Why is it so premium?

1) No "bulbs". The technology is embedded into the mirror, and our custom frosted Hollywood glass delivers and spreads HD light evenly.

2) You won't look like Grinch. Our mirror glass is low-iron, so there is no green in your beautiful reflection.

3) Selfie-ready. Our patented magnetic phone mount is ready for your perfectly illuminated photos and videos.

4) 50 Shades of Color. Stunning color temp adjustability. From a rich candlelight glow to noon daylight, this mirror will cast you in the best of all possible lights.

5) Smoothest Dimming. Control your brightness. Imagine the lowest brightness, warm color temperature, and a dark bedroom at night. Gorgeous ambiance.

A statement piece? Sure. It's also the perfect blend of sophistication and utility, designed for those of us who demand the best.

The mirror is available in two sizes.

  • Vertical: designed for places where space is at a premium.
  • Horizontal: a full, personal theater experience.

Other features include:

• Magnetic Magnifying Mirror: It’s your secret weapon for impeccable detailing. Whether it’s achieving the perfect winged eyeliner or sculpting your brows to perfection, this feature allows for a closer look, ensuring every detail is flawlessly executed.

• Remote Control: Make color temperature and dimming adjustments by just stepping back and seeing how you look. Also controls power. Great for bedside control.

• Amazing Warranty: Five (5) year unlimited unconditional warranty for manufacturer’s defect, loss of functionality, parts, shipping, and service.

• USB charging port on the side of the mirror

• Slim power cable

• Premium aluminum frame and back

• Low-profile, clear acrylic base (if purchased without a vanity)

Replacement Bulbs - the "bulbs" on the mirror are customized Hollywood glass - all of the technology is inside the mirror. Replacement Hollywood glass is free for the first year of your ownership.