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Have you been craving a true luxury vanity experience, but you’re concerned about quality and the setup requiring two men and eight hours? You keep waiting hoping to find a meticulously crafted and show-stopping design. You’ve found it. The GLAMCOR Power Vanity is a purpose-built makeup vanity designed to capture the hearts of beauty enthusiasts and the desires of an influencer.

 It is so well thought out, and it’s perfect in every way. Here’s why:

  • Our carveout is an ergonomic feature. It’s important that you get up close to the mirror, but it’s never comfortable. The carveout lets you comfortably lean into the mirror without hyperextending your back. It’s a major comfort value, especially if you need magnification detail. (See our Hollywood Mirror magnetic mirror feature).
  • Our top drawers under the ultra-clear glass top have actual useful space. Stand up your lipsticks or organize your palettes neatly.
  • It’s powered. Plug the vanity into a nearby outlet and power up two AC and USB outlets. You'll never need to worry about another power cube for charging your phone or running an extension cord for using hair tools.
  • Premium hardware. Our upscaled crystal knobs are the best in all design classes.
  • The cable pass keeps your look streamlined without unsightly cables draped and hanging.
  • Mounting for GLAMCOR lights along the back of the vanity immediately transforms your vanity into a production studio. Start filming seriously for YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Add side lighting, an extra phone mount, a fan, and more just by using the GLAMCOR mount system.
  • Eight corners leveling feet. Get a perfect, level vanity by adjusting the height of each base corner. Don’t worry about uneven floors.
  • Built-in mounting system for our Hollywood mirrors.

 Our sleek vanities come in two distinct finishes:

  • Pristine Pure White
  • Opulent Elegant Mirrored

Each are available in a compact Small Version, offering five drawers on one side, or the expansive Large Version with nine drawers.