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mirror selfie with RIKI lighted makeup mirror


Plus, the top 3 tips for better mirror selfies

You know the world has forever changed once the term "selfie" became popular and found its way to the Urban Dictionary. From selfie sticks, IG filters to our selfie mirrors, selfies are now a vital part of society. And if you’ve been around during the time of the OG King of Social Media - MySpace, then you know that mirror selfies were all the rage, even before smartphones. Well, they haven’t gone anywhere and are still popular, especially for OOTD photos. But if you feel like your mirror selfies are blah and maybe feeling a bit like a circa 2005 Myspace pic, then we got your back with creative ways to take a mirror selfie with your #rikimirror or any other mirror for that matter.

The first 3 tips are general tips to ensure a great pic and go without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway:

Clean Your Mirror

There’s nothing worse than fingerprints and dust taking attention away from you. Please, Windex that baby! A Microfiber cloth will help to really buff and shine it for the perfect reflection.

Great Lighting

If you feel like your selfies are anything but Instagram-worthy, bright daylight lighting can transform it. Place your mirror near an open window to steal some that daylight or use a lighted mirror, like the RIKI Skinny or RIKI Tall, where you can adjust the lighting to your liking. 

Clear Your Space

Like a dirty mirror, there’s nothing that steals attention like a messy background. Shove things to the sides or underneath the bed  if you have to, but keep whichever area that's visible in the mirror clear and clean. No one will know what’s under your bed or shoved in the corner.

10 #rikimirror Poses To Try

1. The Angled Phone Selfie

Once you’ve found your best angle, use it to your advantage and angle your phone and face to get that perfect shot. With RIKI Skinny portable tabletop mirror’s smaller size, you can easily angle the mirror any way you’d like for even better results.

2. The Unconventional Mirror Selfie

Traditional mirror selfies typically include your phone in the shot. With the RIKI Skinny or RIKI Tall, that’s not necessary! Take a photo by attaching your phone to the mirror, connecting to the mirror’s Bluetooth technology, and taking your shot with a click of a button from the remote control. 

3. Cover The Face Selfie

Position your phone front and center to showcase other features than just your face, like your cute phone case, new trendy nail color, or perfected cat eyeliner.  

4. Seeing Double Selfie

A self-portrait from two different angles. A selfie for those who want to get creative! Hold your phone out with your arm extended back to an angle. This way, you get a glimpse of your face and a mirror selfie in one.

5. Show Off Your Makeup Selfie

Makeup brushes, lipsticks, or a colorful rope are great props for a glamorous mirror selfie and bring attention to your flawless makeup. Speaking of flawless makeup looks, RIKI mirrors make it possible with multiple dimming stages and bright, daylight lighting that gives you a better look.

6. Face Mask & Cheers Selfie

Give off spa-like vibes with a cozy rope, face mask, and drink in hand. On the other hand, hold your phone or take a hands-free mirror selfie by attaching the phone to your RIKI mirror and discreetly using the remote control to control the lighting and snap your photo.

7. Outdoor Mirror Selfie

Take your #rikimirror outside for the popular #outdoormirrorchallenge on TikTok. Tilt your mirror photo and use nature as a prop! The reflection of a blue sky will make any photo instantly happier and brighter.

8. The Casual Selfie

For a more I-woke-up-like-this photo, sit back and relax at your vanity table with loungewear. Bigger in size, the RIKI Tall allows you to take a full outfit and vanity mirror shot.

9. The Straightforward Selfie

Typical OOTD photo while not looking like a kissy-faced- Myspace-chick,  hold the phone straight ahead for a shot of your outfit, hair, and makeup look.

10. The Camera Selfie

Is it even a selfie if it’s not taken with a smartphone? Why yes, yes it is. Have a camera and want to practice your photography skills? Take a camera selfie!


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