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Article: 10 Spring 2022 Makeup Trends That We're Here For

2022 Make Up Trends

10 Spring 2022 Makeup Trends That We're Here For

Spring is in full swing and the epic makeup looks are too from heavy blush and statement eyes to glossy lips and the famous no-makeup makeup look. Celebrities and influencers have been rocking these looks all spring so take a look at our curated list below of trends that you can take straight into the summer months!

1. Heavy Blush 


This season there’s no such thing as too much blush, in fact, the more the better. But don’t pack it on all at once, add a little bit of blush at a time to your cheekbones and temples and gradually build up to your liking. If you want to be even for on-trend, try a bright coral or pink for a pop of color

2. Inner Corner Designs


The inner corner of the eyes are receiving major TLC this season. Add a bit of highlighter or white, iridescent shadow for an angelic glow or add a bright color eyeshadow and geometric eyeliner for an edgier look. Either way, giving the inner corners of the eyes some love draws attention to your eyes.

3. 3-Point Highlighter 


The 3-point highlighter was a popular trend back when Youtube makeup tutorials were all the rage, but then contouring and baking became a hit and the mesmerizing 3-point highlighter hack was forgotten. Well, it’s back baby! With a touch of highlighter added to the inner corner of your eye, the arch of your brow, and the cheekbones, creating a triangle, gives a euphoric glow to your eyes.

4. Glossy Lips


While matte lips had its moment, ultra-glossy lips, a la early 2000s, is another trend we’re excited about this spring. Skip the lipstick altogether and god for a lip liner and tinted lip gloss with tons of shine to get that glossed, juicy lip look we're all after.

5. No-makeup makeup



This one is the easiest to achieve. Minimal makeup – although on the opposite side of the spectrum, is another hit this season and if this is more your style then you're in luck! Simply mix your foundation to your moisturizer or skip foundation altogether and opt for a concealer for troubled areas and you’re on your way!

6. Statement eyes

From frosty lids to geometric eyeliner and colorful creases, statement eyes will be doing the talking this season - or should we say smizing. The look doesn’t stop above the eye, it continues below it too with reverse cat eyes and extended shadows too. Plus it pairs nicely with the low key glossy lips we’re seeing now as well.

7. Monochromatic Looks


Need a look that is as low maintenance as the no makeup look but want something glam? Monochromatic makeup is the way to go. To achieve this look, use the same colored product for your eyes, cheek and lips.

8. Dark Lip Liner 

Y2K isn’t the only decade that’s having a moment, the 90’s is here too with dark lined lips! Use a lipliner that’s a few shades darker than your skin or even the shade lipstick you want to use and fill the inside with gloss or lipstick using a brush

9. Jewels 

Made popular by the hit TV show Euphoria, face gems, jewels or embellishments – however you call them – are now mainstream. It’s perfect for adding a bit of glamor to an understated look or bringing a statement eye to the next level. You can use either lash glue to glue on the jewels or buy ones with adhesive behind for an even easier application.

10. Fluffy Brows

Gone are the days of overfilling your eyebrows, now all you have to do is get them laminated or simply brush the hairs of your brows upward with a good brow gel. The hairier and fluffier the better!

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