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Article: Five Back To School Tips To Keep In Your Back Pocket

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Five Back To School Tips To Keep In Your Back Pocket

There’s something about back to school that makes everyone excited — new supplies, going back to a routine, Friday night football games and going out with friends — but at the same time, nerves start to kick in. Like, will your roommate become your BFF, are you going to vibe with your professors, and just how hard the classes will be? These are all valid questions and concerns before classes begin.

To help settle the nerves and get you pumped for the new school year, here are some RIKI-approved tips to help make your school year or semester run smoothly, whether you’re a freshman or senior.

1.    Create a routine and organize your days. 

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From morning routines to night routines, it’s important to have routines in place to keep you sane and on track of your mental well-being, health and school or workload. Start by setting the alarm for the same time every day and designate a time for homework and studying. Use paper or digital planners to organize your classes, work hours, exams, study periods and social events. Create to-do lists to keep your priorities in order. And set bedtime to ensure you have enough sleep at night – but we promise the all-nighters will happen, and that’s ok. The beauty of routines is that it starts over again the next day, so you’ll always have a chance to get back on your game.


2.    Explore and be resourceful. 

If it’s your first year, explore your campus. Get to know the ins and outs before classes start, see where the language department is compared to the science and find out where the best coffee is served for between-class pick-me-ups. The more familiar you are with your surroundings, you will feel less nervous. Plus, be knowledgeable and resourceful with what is available to you for free, from the fitness center, mediating class, math lab, library and career center.


3.    Go club hopping! 


No, we’re not talking about nightclubs, although those are fun for the weekends — we’re talking about extracurricular clubs. Find clubs that share your values and get involved on campus. We guarantee that will make your college experience that much more meaningful. Plus, you’ll meet new people you’d probably never have met otherwise.


4.    Get your supplies asap. 

Back-to-school shopping is soo nostalgic, isn’t it? We can’t forget Lisa Frank supplies, colorful gel pens and glittered notebooks. And it doesn't change once you get to college, except what’s considered “school supplies” has evolved a bit. Here at Riki Loves Riki,

we’ve kept the fun, girly vibes alive with the Back To School Kit. This kit should totally be on your “to buy” list. It includes the Riki Cutie, a tiny but mighty LED mirror with three brightness levels to choose from for touch ups between classes, after the gym or lunch, or at frat parties and football games, plus a notebook, pen stickers and silk face mask, all in a fabulous pink color.

But that’s not all. Another item to add to your back-to-school shopping list is the Riki Powerful. If you’re unfamiliar with Powerful, it is the same size as Riki Cutie but has five brightness levels and is also a power bank for when your smartphone, laptop, or headphone batteries run low! You’ll always be grateful when you have a backup when juice runs low, and it’s also a mirror for touching up your lippie after that coffee break — win, win!

If you’re into the Lisa Frank vibe and 90’s trend, you’ll also want to add the Riki Crystal Charging Cable and Cube! This cable works with almost any device you’ll need in college, from your smartphone to your laptop. It includes an iPhone charger, a micro USB, and a Type-C cable in white or pink crystals. 

Getting your supplies early is just one more thing checked off your list and out of mind, plus it helps you get excited for the year ahead!

5.    Have fun!


Yes, college will be stressful sometimes, from cramming for exams and projects with multiple classmates to finding time to finish it. But it’s also important to enjoy it! Those four years ( and maybe more) are years where you discover yourself, making lifelong friends and memories that will be ingrained in your mind forever. Make sure to take time to breathe the fresh air and enjoy that time with friends and classmates. Find ways to destress, like working out, creating content for social media, or just vegging out while binging Netflix — whatever floats your boat. As tip one mentions above, decompressing is just as important as being productive and creating a routine.

On a final note, don’t fall into the trap of believing that your major, career choice, grades, or friend groups define who you are. You are more than any of these things! We hope these tips are a refresher of what you already knew and something to keep in your back pocket throughout the year.



Your friends at Riki Loves Riki

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