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Article: 5 Ways To Make Mother’s Day Extra Special - Virtually Or IRL

RIKI lighted makeup mirrors

5 Ways To Make Mother’s Day Extra Special - Virtually Or IRL

The countdown to Mother’s Day starts now! Whether you’re meeting up with your mom virtually or IRL, we’ve got you covered with ideas on how to make her day extra special with some of our mom-loving mirrors and more. Oh, and if you need a reminder, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9, 2021- you’re welcome. 

1. Virtual Cooking

Cooking together is a great bonding experience - even if in the past a food fight may have almost happened. But if cooking in the same kitchen isn’t possible yet, it can easily be done virtually. 

Pick a favorite family recipe, order the ingredients, and have the groceries delivered to her doorstep- with her favorite wine, of course.

GLAMCOR Multimedia X video lighting ensures perfect looks on camera

Set the time and get your kitchen ready! Pull out all your ingredients, pots, pans, and utensils that you’ll be using - kind of like a cooking show. Then with Facetime, a lot of patience, and a drink in hand, you two are bound to have some virtual laughs and create new memories cooking together.  

The GLAMCOR MULTIMEDIA X video lighting kit makes it even easier to have a virtual cooking session. It has one flexible arm to hold your phone and two LED light bars to brighten up the space - perfect for getting those angles and making sure mom sees exactly what you're doing because we all know she’s the pro. 

2. At-Home Spa Day

Have the opportunity to physically be with your mom this year but not quite ready to go out to a spa? Host an at-home spa day for the two. Gather up all your fav. skin care products and nail polish and give each other facials, manis, and pedis. Even if the manis aren’t salon standard, the quality one-on-one time and memories you’ll make are all that matters. 

RIKI GRACEFUL 7x magnifying vanity makeup mirror

A super on-brand gift idea is the RIKI GRACEFUL. It’s our chicest, round handheld mirror that’ll make your mom feel like a Hollywood star. Not like an old Hollywood star but a modern Hollywood star with its bright LED lights and 3 dimming stages. It’s just what you need for your at-home spa day together.

3. Night-In At AIRBNB

Have a low-key night-in at an AIRBNB. Kind of like a staycation but not staying in your own home. Find a cute cabin, go into the city, or find a place with a hot tub. This gives you and your mom just the right amount of excitement from traveling but socially distant and close to home. Watch movies, order her favorite take-out, and enjoy each other’s company without any distractions.

RIKI SUPER FINE 7x magnifying handheld makeup mirror

RIKI SUPER FINE is a great Mother’s Day gift to give before the quick trip. Why? It's a round magnifying mirror that comes with a cute accessory organizer and pouch, ideal for traveling and carrying around in her bag! The RIKI SUPERFINE will be mom’s must-have item in her handbag. Choose between the 5X or 7X magnification and 3 dimming stages for quick and easy touch-ups anytime, anywhere. 

4. Virtual At-Home Spa Day 

A chill, relaxing time with your mom doesn’t always have to be in a spa or physically together. The RIKI SKINNY makes that very easy to accomplish at home. If you and your momma are big beauty and skincare junkies, then the RIKI SKINNY is made for the both of you! 

RIKI SKINNY makeup vanity mirror with suction cup and magnifying mirror attachment

RIKI SKINNY is a LED-lighted mirror that brings modern lines and beauty to any vanity table. It has five dimming stages and a magnetic phone holder. That way, you can Facetime with your mom while trying on the new face mask you got the both of you. Momma will also love it because it comes with a magnetic magnifying mirror that attaches directly to the mirror for close-ups. So relax in front of the RIKI SKINNY with some face masks, a cozy robe, and cheers!

5. Recreate Old Family Photos

This sweet Mother’s Day idea will definitely warm your mother’s heart and with the help from our friends at Glamcor (& your family), it will be a fun memory, and who knows, maybe a new tradition! Spend some time flipping through old family photos listening to the stories behind them, and then find one that your family can recreate. Replicate it as much as possible by finding similar outfits or colors and posing exactly alike- no matter how weird it is. Once you have the pose down, use the Bluetooth-operated remote control that comes with GLAMCOR’s  MULTIMEDIA X so that everyone in your family can participate. Not only that but the two LED lighted bars will make sure your photos will come out bright and ready to share on social media.

GLAMCOR Multimedia X provides perfect lighting wherever you go

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to spend quality time with your mom and to celebrate her - virtually or IRL. But quick! If you’re looking to surprise her with a mirror-like no other, make sure you order as early as possible to get it before Mother’s Day.



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