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Article: Spring Cleaning – How To Be Organized with Your Deep Clean and Beautify Your Home

Spring Cleaning – How To Be Organized with Your Deep Clean and Beautify Your Home

Spring Cleaning – How To Be Organized with Your Deep Clean and Beautify Your Home

Spring is here, which means sunshine, longer days, warmer weather, big smiles, wildflowers, and of course spring cleaning. Time to make your house gleam, ready to be filled with spring and summertime memories!

With that rediscovered *ahem* spring in your step (see what we did there?) you might be tempted to dive right in and start powering through the long list of super fun chores that need doing. Before you do that, read our top tips on the best ways to get your scrub on. Get organized, write a list, and then get down to it – we promise you’ll thank yourself later.

Stock up

First things first, you’re going to need a list. A list of everything you will need for your deep clean. It’s never fun realizing you’ve forgotten something essential and having to run back to the store (we’ve all done it!). So, spend some time writing out your must-buys.

Start by having a little wander around the house and list everything you’ll need, organized by room. For example: bathroom? Don’t forget the drain gel. Bedroom? Probably a new duster. Kitchen? You will need oven cleaner.

Don’t forget the easily forgotten basics too: trash bags, marigolds, spray, polish, wax, brushes, wipes, scrubbers, etc.


Tidy first, clean second

Spring cleaning is not just about the scrubbing and wiping and sponging, we can also use this time to declutter and tidy our space. One of the most useful things we can do to make the job easier is to tidy first, and then move on to cleaning.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to clean as you tidy, that’s a great way to lose momentum and quickly lose energy. Dedicate the first day (or 2, or 3!) solely to decluttering.

Your bedroom is the perfect place to start. You want this room to be the center of you home. The peaceful, safe space you go to in order to rest and recharge. Clutter and mess have been shown in multiple studies to negatively affect mood and mental well-being, so it’s time to get serious about effective and beautiful organization hacks.

Something that’s guaranteed to make a mess is makeup. Of course we love it, but we don’t love that it gets everywhere! So when you’re planning your declutter, make sure all your makeup has its place. For example, use this gorgeous iridescent RIKI Makeup Brush Holder to store all your brushes, and you’ll never have to put a powdery brush on your lovely clean surfaces again!


The cleaning

So you’ve decluttered and your space is ready for cleaning, let’s make things sparkle! Do not try to do everything at once. Spread it out over a few days or a week, doing a couple of jobs every day. Spring cleaning can be a huge task, especially as you’re likely to discover additional things that need cleaning along the way.

Some commonly forgotten things to clean include garbage cans, curtains and linens, lampshades, blinds, walls, your cleaning products themselves (eww, but important!) and small counter-top items like ornaments and bottles.

To keep dust of these smaller items in the future, invest in a storage solution like this enclosed RIKI Acrylic Organizer with a door, which can be used to store bottles, makeup, perfume, nail varnish, and other potions. All that stuff that gathers a lot of dust just sitting on your desk. It’s practical and stunning to look at, with an iridescent finish that shimmers many colors in different lights. Having your products lovingly displayed will also give you that warm fuzzy feeling, and you have easy access to everything when you’re frantically trying to get ready for work.

Use this opportunity to redesign

Spring cleaning is a great time to consider your design choices. With squeaky clean surfaces, walls, and floors, it’s the perfect opportunity to add some new pieces to your home.

For instance, if your living room has quite a warm and neutral color palette, consider adding some wall art with bold, colorful prints to brighten up the space. If your bathroom is looking a bit bland, add some greenery in the form of a house plant that loves damp conditions.

If your bedroom feels a little one-dimensional, add a statement piece like this RIKI Skinny Mirror. Investing in a beautiful vanity mirror will add depth to your space, and this one has everything else you could ever need from a mirror too. It’s travel-friendly, has dimmable LED lighting, and is high tech; with Bluetooth functionality and a magnetic phone holder for taking effortless selfies and streaming. This is now available in beautiful iridescent to match your acrylic organizer and makeup brush holder, yay! Get the whole set today to level up your aesthetic and organization game, and make your job easier for next spring.

We hope you enjoyed these top tips for getting the most out of your spring clean this year. We wish you a spotless, shimmery, sparkly spring season!



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