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Article: Will you be my bridesmaid? 6 sweet bridesmaid proposal gift ideas for 2021

RIKI lighted beauty mirror is a great add-on in your bridesmaid proposal box

Will you be my bridesmaid? 6 sweet bridesmaid proposal gift ideas for 2021

The day you hear The Big Question from the love of your life certainly goes into history as one of the most memorable moments of your life. The nervousness and giggles, all that love and joy in the air, maybe one or two tears. It’s a magical moment, very special and dear for both you and your partner.

And then it starts. The special day is approaching and you’ve got all of these exciting details to think about: the flowers, seating arrangements, The Dress, and your nearest and dearest – the bridesmaids. It’s a special day for them and they deserve their magical moment too!

Bridal gifts and proposal boxes offer you a chance to ask the women in your family and closest friends the big question – will you be my bridesmaid? We compiled a list of unique bridal proposal ideas to invite your bridesmaids to the wedding with as much romance and thoughtful consideration as your soon-to-be husband put into making your day forever engraved in your memory.

1. Lighted mirror beauty gift box

Is there a better way to pop the question than by wrapping it up in a stylish bridal gift box packed with bridesmaid beauty essentials for the wedding? Include items that the women in your life would use long after the big event such as lipstick, eyeshadow, SPF face scream, and a cute little lighted mirror for them to carry around for makeup emergencies and while traveling.

RIKI SKINNY lighted makeup mirror - bridesmaid proposal gift box ideas

Our RIKI SKINNY would work great as part of a bridal box due to its size and functionality. Weighing just 1.5 pounds and about a size of an iPad, RIKI SKINNY has 5 dimming stages for all lighting situations and a Bluetooth selfie function for the perfect selfie on your big day. With its precise 5x or 10x magnifying mirror attachment, it will ensure your bridesmaids look and feel flawless during your wedding and long after.

RIKI CUTIE bridesmaid touchup mirror

For a more compact solution, our limited edition RIKI CUTIE in a beautiful iridescent color case is sure to leave a lasting impression. Its lightweight design fits even the smallest bridal proposal boxes and the sparkle makes every day a glam day!   


For a more versatile option, RIKI COLORFUL offers a 2-in-1 makeup on-the-go solution, perfect for the wedding rush. It’s a LED lighted travel mirror and a magnetic palette in one. The set works great for those who have lots of different powder-based products such as blushes and eyeshadows and need a space to store it all. With RIKI COLORFUL, your bridesmaids can have their makeup essentials they can just grab-and-go paired together with a high-quality lighted mirror.

2. Flowers 

Can you ever get bored of receiving flowers? We think not, especially for an occasion as special as a wedding! You can get a beautiful bouquet delivered to your bridesmaids’ doorsteps with a personalized card, asking the big question. UrbanStems offers truly majestic bouquets for many occasions, including weddings. You can browse their collection of unique flower arrangements, include a box of assorted chocolates or a plush toy, and write a customized bridal proposal message. Flowers will always remain a simple yet classy way to ask someone to be a very special guest at your wedding.

3. Fashion accessories

For a fun and chic bridesmaid proposal, go for a cute fashion accessory or two to make your bridesmaids’ day. A personalized tote bag would work great for that and you can put lots of little cute gifts inside. It is both a practical and personal gift that they will be able to use during your wedding preparations and after. You know your bridesmaids best so think about something personal that would make their heart flutter. It could be cute coffee mugs, a funny ‘Will you be my bridesmaid card’, a tumbler, or a makeup essentials box. Get creative!

4. Pamper box

Show your love to the women in your life by sending a luxury pamper package. Bridesmaid pamper gift box will allow them to indulge in an ultimate home spa experience. With most of the world still in lockdown due to the pandemic, it’s a nice little treat that they can enjoy from the comfort of their home. BOXFOX offers you a chance to build a customized bridesmaid proposal box, so you can create one for a perfect pamper night. Start by choosing the color, then, select your items, for example, a glow sheet mask, calming bath bomb, lavender & Moroccan mint beauty butter, body polish, exfoliating glow potion, lychee candle, and so much more!

5. Cocktail set

For a cocktail lover, you could assemble a bridesmaid proposal box with personalized cocktail glasses, a shaker, a shooter of your favorite white rum, a few limes, and sugar for a simple daiquiri. You could also include a cocktail recipe card and a cute note, asking them to be your bridesmaid.

Another proposal idea - this beautifully engraved flask is not only truly captivating but will also serve for years to come. You could even include a miniature note inside, popping the big question.

6. Something for the soul

We focused a lot on nourishing the body, but how about we feed the soul? You can always opt to combine gifts for both body and mind in your bridesmaid proposal package. That includes books, journals, planners, or even a coloring book for adults! For example, this Hydrate & Write gift set includes an engraved water bottle, key chain, metal pen, and a journal in a wooden box. Each item can be personalized your bridesmaids feel extra special. You could also include a little card, asking them to be the special guest during your big day.


And there you have it, a list of cute ideas for popping the big question to the women you’re closest with in your life. They’re as much your partners in crime as your other half, sharing highs and lows in life, so that special attention to their needs on and before your big day is the best gift they can receive.



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