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Article: How to Use Mirrors for Interior Design

RIKI TALL illuminated tabletop decorative mirror

How to Use Mirrors for Interior Design

If you‘re a fan of uncluttered minimalist design for your home, you will definitely like the idea of incorporating the items you use every day into your home decor. Mirrors present a great opportunity for this!

Combining both function and style, a carefully selected mirror can be used not only for checking out your makeup and outfits but also for adding light and drama to the room. If you know what you‘re doing, you can even resolve a pressing interior dilemma or two by simply adding a mirror.

Mirror as a Focal Point

GLAMCOR illuminated Socialite Mirror to improve your home interior design

To add some drama to the rooms without any other distinctive interior details such as a fireplace or a painting, a mirror can serve as the focal point.

In fact, the right mirror will frame the room and attract just as much attention as an exquisite painting. For a practical and tasteful solution, our Socialite Mirror will brighten up any room. It offers an ideal choice for transforming your bedroom from simply a place you sleep at to a mysteriously feminine boudoir. This majestic lit mirror will certainly draw attention and offer daylight lighting for the most flawless makeup looks. Choose between vertical or horizontal designs to match your room decor.

Mirror for Adding Depth 

Using a mirror for illuminating and adding depth to smaller rooms will instantly lift the atmosphere in the room. Mount a mirror on the largest wall in the room to make a statement and visually increase the space. In fact, mirrors present one of the most simple solutions for making small rooms appear bigger.

They will bring in the light to the dark corners and frame the room to create an uncluttered and open space. It will work especially well for rooms with no windows as a mirror will allow this empty area to breathe by breaking up the wall space.

Mirror for Brightening Up your Home 


Placing a mirror opposite or next to a window will allow the light in and create an illusion of an airy and spacious environment. Large and tall mirrors will work best here as they will bring in the most light into the room.

For example, our stylish RIKI Tall is our best-selling LED makeup vanity mirror, which you can place in either your bedroom for getting ready in the morning or a living room as a decor accent. The ultra-thin and lightweight frame takes up minimal space and allows the mirror and the lights to make a statement. Choose between white and black colors to best suit the rest of your decor. The mirror has a Bluetooth selfie function and a magnetic phone holder that will change your selfie game forever.

RIKI Skinny is also a great choice for instantly adding some light into the room. It works well with a suction cup and can be mounted onto a large mirror or window to create a well-lit space.

Mirror for Contrast and Decoration

Play around with different shapes and sizes to jazz up the space and create interesting visual contrasts. Go for opposites, for example, in spaces with many angles, opt for a round mirror such as RIKI Sunny for your vanity or RIKI Super Fine 5X/7X for your room or as a travel accessory. RIKI Sunny will add a graceful touch to your bedroom while RIKI Super Fine 5X/7X will keep your makeup flawless with its magnification and LED lights. You can mount it on our bigger mirrors such as RIKI Tall or RIKI Skinny to create contrast between angular and round shapes.

Mirror for Function and Beauty

GLAMCOR Fortune&Fame lighted full body mirror

A full-length mirror doesn‘t have to serve just a practical function. If you‘re after a product that marries both functionality and style, check out our beautiful Fortune & Fame Mirror that comes with LED lights and adjustable brightness setting.

Large and freestanding mirrors at the centre of the room should add to the decor of the room and Fame & Fortune was designed to do just that. Another option is to place a tall mirror next to or on large open wall space for maximum visibility. It would also be easily accessible for you to check out your outfits in full. Try to choose a mirror frame that matches your furniture material or design for a visually pleasing setup.

Door Mirrors

If you‘re really short on space but still want a touch of glam, try hanging a mirror on the door. Not only it is a practical space-saving solution but it will also act as a decorative detail. It would also work well for full-length mirrors if you‘re looking for an imaginative way to incorporate it into the room instead of leaning it against a wall or near the door.

Mirror Placement

Sometimes, splurging on a large expensive mirror can become an expensive failure, especially if you don‘t know where to place it. Mirror placement is very important and can completely transform the atmosphere in your living space. Height and reflection play key roles here.

Always place the mirror in such a way so that you can observe your full reflection. It might sound obvious but it won‘t always be the case as placing a mirror at an eye-level doesn‘t mean you will be able to see yourself fully. Also, place your mirror at a position and angle, which allows it to catch as much light from the windows as possible. Such a placement will also double up the space in your room by reflecting what‘s outside.

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