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Article: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Men

RIKI Mirrors Perfect for valentines

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Men

Get Him A Gift He Didn’t Know He Needed

Why is buying gifts for men so difficult? Especially for Valentine’s Day  — do you get a sentimental and romantic gift that may or may not hit the mark, or do you get something practical that they didn’t even know they needed but will never live without again? If it’s the latter, then we got the gift for them!

GLAMCOR Shaving mirror for men

The NEW GLAMCOR HOME Shaving Mirror will revolutionize the way your guy shaves. It’s different from other in-shower shaving mirrors on the market. It has the same technology used in luxury vehicle mirrors where the mirror doesn’t ever get foggy while on. Yes, so cool. Basically, The heat generated from the heating system found inside the mirror matches the steam created by the warm shower, helping clear the glass from condensation.

Other than being a fogless mirror, this in-shower shaving mirror made of premium, crystal clear glass, brings light into otherwise dim, steamy showers with Glamcor’s award-winning lighting technology. With a ring of HD daylight LEDs and five levels of brightness, your guy will see clearly for the closest shave.

GLAMCOR Fogless Shaving mirror

It’s also not held by flimsy suction cups like other shower products. Instead, Glamcor came up with an intricate design yet a super-easy way to securely mount the mirror and remove it for charging. Once the magnetic mounting bar is installed — no drilling, just extra-strength adhesive — simply pull the Shaving Mirror off the magnetic mounting bar for quick battery charging with the Glamcor proprietary magnetic charging mount. 

Shaving in the shower also has many benefits besides keeping the bathroom sink and floor clear from beard trimming. For starters, the steam from the shower helps open the pores and softens the hair for a closer shave. The Shaving Mirror helps prevent nicks, cuts, irritation and razor burn from occurring, which is particularly good for a guy with sensitive skin. It saves time on their shaving routine and is much easier to clean up since lather and beard trimmings wash away easily.

The Shower Mirror isn’t just for your significant other or friend. You can use it too! It’s great for dental hygiene in the shower, like using a water flosser, applying a hair mask or brushing the hair out and even for in-shower face masks or exfoliating. We’re sure that this gift is something they would least expect and will totally upgrade their bathroom routines.

RIKI Cutie mirror on the go

What if your guy likes a bit of glamor in his life too? The RIKI Cutie is another bright contender for Valentine’s Day because of its small yet mighty capabilities. This portable mirror provides just the right amount of lighting with three levels of brightness. It's perfect for when public restrooms don’t do them justice with the lack of mirrors and badly lit overhead lighting. It’s the size of an iPhone and can easily fit in their pockets, coat jacket, book bag or briefcase. If they have clumsy hands, they’ll especially enjoy the retractable ring feature that allows them to hold the mirror securely. Yet, there’s not much to worry about because the Riki Cutie is both scratch-resistant and shatterproof.  Don’t forget to reach for it when you need to do a makeup check yourself! 

GLAMCOR Multimedia X portable pro lighting kit for content creators

If your significant other is a content creator, whether that’s for cooking, fitness, dancing or entertainment, they’ll be blown away with the GLAMCOR Multimedia X! Multimedia X is everything they need to create professional TikTok videos, Instagram Reels or even Youtube videos. It features two bright LED light bars attached to flexible luminary arms that can be bent and angled in any direction and a smartphone holder that attaches to the middle. Bluetooth technology allows your man to control his phone and the lighting color temperature with the included remote control. At the same time, the onboard USB port makes sure his smartphone is always fully charged. The Multimedia X is perfect for selfies and photoshoots, so setting this up on Valentine’s Day for a cute couples photoshoot isn’t a bad idea either!

GLAMCOR Reveal professional dimmable LED light

If your Valentine works from home, the GLAMCOR Reveal is another great gift option that he least expects. It’s a portable LED lamp that comes with a table clamp that can be clamped directly on the desk. It has five brightness levels and a flexible arm making it easy to move for the right Zoom call angle. It will brighten up his workspace and give him room to move freely. 

Either one of these four options is a great choice to surprise your husband, fiance, boyfriend or best guy friend with this Valentine's Day. Complete with a sweet card, wrapping paper and maybe a box of chocolate, and you have a winner!

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