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Glo Set FAQs


What is the difference between the GloPRO® and the GLOfacial tool?

GloPRO® is an at-home microneedling tool designed to ignite your skin’s natural rejuvenation process & enhance topical skincare as microneedles glide over the skin.

The GLOfacial tool is like a vortex vacuum for your pores, working to extract blackheads, excess oil, and impurities from your skin while delivering hydro-infusion skincare to clarify & hydrate.

How many times a week should I use GloFacial?

We recommend using GLOfacial 1-2x a week. It is gentle enough to be used on low suction mode daily. Blue Light Treatment can be done daily for 4 minutes per target area.

How do I know which suction setting to use?

You know your skin best! We recommend starting with low suction and working your way up to the medium and high settings.

Can I use it if I have acne? Will it help reduce my acne?

You can use GLOfacial to help clarify your skin, you will want to use the LED Blue Light mode with the Clarifying Cap. Do not use the tool on open wounds and do not use the suction modes over active breakouts.

Why is it important to use the GLOfacial Concentrate? Do I need it to use the tool?

The GLOfacial Concentrate was designed specifically for the GLOfacial tool and offers key ingredients to cleanse, clarify, and plump the skin. While you can use the tool with water alone, using the concentrate will deliver the best results.

How often should I switch the tips?

We recommend replacing your tips every 2-3 months.

Can I fly with my GLOfacial tool?

GLOfacial features a Lithium Ion Battery which may need to be carried on flight during air travel. We recommend checking your local regulations.

Can I use GLOfacial with GloPRO®?

Yes, you can. You may choose to use these on alternating nights for sensitive skin. You may also use the GLOfacial tool in the AM and GloPRO in the PM.

Can I use other Acids after GLOfacial?

We recommend skipping other AHAs, BHAs, PHAs on days you’re using GLOfacial as stacking multi-acid formulas may irritate your skin.

Can I do a Blue Light only treatment?

Yes! You can skip the hydration facial and use the Blue Light with cap for a clarifying treatment anytime. We recommend spot treating for two to four minutes.