RIKI Shower Mirror

$135.00 USD

The RIKI FOG-LESS SHOWER MIRROR is designed to provide a clear reflection even in a steamy bathroom environment. Our patented glass heating technology eliminates fogging on the mirror surface, allowing you to see yourself clearly while showering. The mirror also has LED lights with five different brightness levels, providing ample lighting for your grooming needs. The mirror is rechargeable and has a battery life of 6 hours. It is made of shatterproof and waterproof material, making it durable and safe to use in the shower. The mirror has a magnetic mount that includes tape for adhering to glass, stone, and ceramic tiles. The mirror has a diameter of 7 inches and a depth of 0.5 inches. The package includes the LED-lighted shower mirror, a magnetic bar, and a power supply.

Experience the luxury of a clear reflection with RIKI FOG-LESS shower mirror


• Heated defogging mirror with LED lights
• Five (5) brightness levels
• Rechargeable battery - lasts 6 hours
• Shatterproof and waterproof mirror
• Magnetic mount includes tape that adheres to glass, stone, and ceramic tiles
• Mirror Dimensions: 7" diameter x 0.5" depth

The RIKI Shower Mirror includes the following:
(1) LED lighted Shower Mirror
(1) Magnetic Bar
(1) Power Supply