RIKI Babe Travel Set

$285.00 USD

Summer is calling which means it’s time to pack up the Riki Babe Travel Set for your next destination! Lighting can be tricky when you’re on the go so having a lighted mirror for your skincare routine and flawless makeup is key.

The RIKI Babe Travel Set comes with the RIKI Simply Skinny – it's just like our #1 travel makeup mirror - the RIKI SKINNY - but without the Bluetooth functionality and magnetic phone clip attachment. The RIKI Simply Skinny has daylight LED lighting and 5 brightness levels and includes same-colored accessories like the 10x magnifying mirror attachment and an adjustable stand. Also included in the travel set is the suction cup and small carry case that can easily fit over your carry-on luggage handle.

This kit is just what you need for summer vacations to a tropical destination, European adventures, and cross-country road trips!