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RIKI Pretty

Sale price$350.00 USD


Content creation and makeup applications made easier with our mid-sized vanity mirror with content creation accessories. RIKI PRETTY hits the sweet spot with its medium size, thin frame, and new wall-mounting feature, ideal for smaller vanities that still want to make a big impact with a modern, design-forward LED lighted vanity mirror. 

Combined with Bluetooth technology, RIKI PRETTY takes your Zoom calls, Facebook lives, and content creation to the next level with bright, flattering lighting. Place the magnetic magnifying mirror or smartphone holder front and center or to the side for some side-to-side action. Also included is a remote control for hands-free camera and lighting control. 

  • NEW design element: fully mirrored front design
  • 13 in x 18 in (345mm x 460 mm)- roughly the size of 2 iPads
  • Secured with a kickstand or mounted on the wall (with pairing accessory)
  • Five dimming stages for great lighting any time of day
  • Includes magnifying mirror, smartphone holder, remote control, and magnetic power supply