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Article: How to organize and decorate your bedroom vanity?

How to organize and decorate your bedroom vanity?

How to organize and decorate your bedroom vanity?

Your bedroom makeup vanity is probably your favorite little corner in your house where every morning begins and every night ends. Setting it up in a way that’s most convenient for you is key so you can keep your beauty rituals more enjoyable and get ready for the day stress-free! 

We put together 9 useful tips and tricks on how to organize your vanity from makeup and beauty to skin and haircare products and decoration ideas. Organizing your vanity will save you precious time in the morning. And forget about the headache of rummaging through all your beauty products just to find one lipstick!

1.    Start from decluttering and throwing away old/unused products 

Check every single beauty product that you have and think about the last time you’ve used it and if you use it that often. Do you actually need it or is it just taking up space? You will be surprised at how many products you will say goodbye to. Decluttering is key to an organized vanity.

Also, don’t forget to check the expiration dates. Living well mom uses a printable makeup shelf life guide. It’s a great idea for keeping on top of your makeup expiration dates and avoiding nasty infections and allergies from using old makeup products.

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2.    Dedicate each space in your vanity for different beauty/makeup category

You need to find a purpose for every inch of your vanity space. So, spend some time organizing your goodies into categories such as base products, eye makeup, lipsticks, perfumes, etc.

Or maybe you want to organize your space by keeping your most-used products close and storing evening/party makeup separately. That will work well if you use a lot of the same beauty items for your everyday look.

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3.    Use boxes, containers and lucite organizers

For organizing your vanity like a pro, store each different makeup category in boxes and clear lucite containers. In that way, you will see where every single item is and spend less time looking for your beauty essentials.

For toiletries and eyeshadow palettes, you can use beauty baskets or trays. For example, Swoon Worthy stores her eyeshadow palettes in clear empty Ferrero Rocher boxes – no need to spend money on makeup organizers if you get creative!

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4.    Divide your draws 

If your makeup collection is massive and you want to keep some items out of sight, makeup draw dividers will be your best friend. There are millions of different ways to organize your drawers, just choose one that works for you, depending on the type of makeup you use.

For example, Charlotta Eve keeps all her everyday base makeup products such as primers, foundations, concealers and bronzers in the first drawer for easy access and convenience.

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Dividers will help to keep your drawers organized for a long period of time and all you’ll have to do is put the product back in its place and close the draw. Perfect for those busy mornings!

5.    Keep skin/haircare and beauty/makeup products separate

If you keep your makeup and skincare products in one place, clutter will soon find a way to creep back into your vanity. Decide on a separate space/storage solution for your beauty products and toiletries. For example, use lucite containers and drawers for makeup and basket for skin/haircare products.

Also, don’t store your makeup in the bathroom! Keeping it in a clean and dry area will make it last longer and will preserve its quality. It might be difficult to separate your makeup and skincare products at first, but it is a number one thing that will help you maintain an organized vanity.

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6.    Use makeup brush holders

Keep it simple – invest into two makeup brush holders, one for face and one for eye makeup brushes. Depending on what color your brushes are, it might be difficult to tell if they’re dirty. Another organization hack is to store dirty and clean makeup brushes in two separate brush holders to avoid beauty disasters.

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7.    Invest in a high-quality vanity mirror

A tall lighted makeup mirror is a centerpiece of every vanity so it’s worth investing in if you want your makeup to come out flawless every time no matter the lighting conditions in your bedroom. Our RIKI TALL with LED technology and ultra-clear glass will improve your bedroom lighting situation and add a beautiful finishing touch to your vanity.

If you’re after a smaller portable mirror, our best-selling vanity mirror RIKI SKINNY will help you see every fine detail of your face. With 5-stage dimming and HD daylight LEDs, it will serve as a perfect vanity decoration or a travel mirror.

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Check out more vanity mirror options from RIKILOVESRIKI.

Another great time-saving organizational hack is to place your vanity mirror on the side of your non-dominant hand so you can easily access your beauty products and still have a clear view in the mirror.

8.    Decorate your vanity

Even with limited space, you can add a few little details to turn your makeup vanity into a beautiful sanctuary. Decorate it with your favorite quotes, framed pictures of your loved ones and dream travel destinations, wall art, and a vintage vanity clock.

Also, just a simple bouquet of flowers will add a clean and feminine touch to your vanity.

Even simple things like a display of colorful nail polish in a clear box will liven up your beauty corner. Your perfume bottles can also double as decorations!

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9.    Get creative

To truly allow your decoration skills to shine, get creative with your vanity décor. It doesn’t have to be expensive either as you can use everyday items if you think out of the box. For example, a cake stand can serve as a chic style detail and your perfume collection space. Vintage cigar boxes for your favorite lipsticks, cookie jars for makeup brushes, and parfait glasses for flowers – the possibilities are endless!

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