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Article: The Best Lighted Travel Mirrors To Guarantee Flawless Travel Makeup

RIKI LOVES RIKI designs and manufactures the best lighted travel-friendly mirrors

The Best Lighted Travel Mirrors To Guarantee Flawless Travel Makeup

Did the travel bug bite you? Here are some travel makeup mirrors that will take less space than your iPad and LED lights as strong as a full-size LED vanity mirror.  

Traveling has been at the forefront of many people's minds as Stay At Home Orders begin to lift, and air travel starts to take off again. If you're planning your next much-needed vacay, chances are you'll be packing makeup, especially after three months makeup-free on your couch (No shame on the couch game!).

But packing makeup for travel is as much of a pain as applying makeup in a horribly lit hotel room or on-the-go.

We got the perfect lighted travel makeup mirrors coming at ya hot so that your next vacation is as memorable as, well, the last three months in quarantine.

RIKI COLORFUL is the best light up makeup mirror for travel and a portable magnetic palette in one

The RIKI COLORFUL is the best light up makeup mirror for travel and a portable magnetic palette in one. Packing makeup for travel is such a chore.

When it comes to makeup, overpacking is usually inevitable. Why take a twenty eyeshadow palette if you're only going to use three eyeshadows, right? But we do it anyway, and before we know it, we’re struggling to close our luggage like...

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But with the RIKI COLORFUL, there’s no need to struggle like that again - with makeup at least. 

Depotting tool in hand, carefully remove the makeup you want to take on your travel from its original palette. If the makeup isn't already in metal pans, use the magnetic stickers to stick to the pans' bottom. Place your chosen eyeshadow colors, blushes, highlighters, bronzers - you name it, in the magnetic pan like a Tetris game.

RIKI Colorful is perfect portable mirror for travel and outdoor activities

If you need a video, check this tutorial out.

In addition to the awesome magnetic palette that will automatically save you space in your luggage, the rotating LED mirror with three dimming stages isn't too shabby either. It's perfect for touch-ups or hotel room applications. By rotating the mirror, you have a portable, hands-free vanity where your makeup is at reach.

Mirrors don't get any travel-friendlier than that, but here are three other contenders for your next vacation.

RIKI Cutie is a compact and portable makeup purse mirror that is perfect for daily use and travel

While exploring a new city, you're probably not toting around your giant Mary Poppins bag. Luckily, the RIKI CUTIE is as small as an iPhone and lightweight enough to fit in your bookbag, small crossbody bag, or small handbag, but packs a punch with its bright LED lights. 

RIKI CUTIE comes with a retractable ring that slightly resembles a brass knuckle ring - but a chic one, of course. With the wearable retractable ring, you're able to securely hold your mirror and any product at the same time. The bright LED lights allow you to apply makeup in dimly lit restaurants, lounges, or museums. 

You know when you're struggling to apply makeup in a poorly lit hotel bathroom mirror because the sink doesn't allow you to get super close to see, and then you lean in as much as you can and get your outfit wet? Yep, it happens to the best of us.

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Enter the RIKI SUPERFINE 5X. RIKI SUPERFINE 5X is a magnifying travel purse mirror with LED lights, three dimming stages, and a retractable ring so you can hold the mirror up hands-free. Perfect if you are struggling to see and need that extra magnification to get a better look. With three dimming stages, you control how bright the lights are as opposed to the fluorescent hotel lights. 

RIKI SUPER FINE is the best portable travel magnifying mirror with LED lights

If you need stronger magnification, the RIKI SUPERFINE 7X is much better suited for you. This mirror has all the bells and whistles of the RIKI SUPERFINE 5X and comes with an extra travel accessory.  

Included with the travel magnifying mirror is a round accessories case where you can organize your jewelry and store your mirror. When the case is open, it doubles as a stand for your mirror as well. Perfect to place in a carry-on bag for traveling, and when you're out sightseeing, slip into its soft and slim case to store in your handbag.

RIKI Super Fine is the perfect magnifying lighted mirror for touch-ups on the go.

Traveling to a tropical destination or warmer climate? Unlike traditional vanity mirrors, our mirrors generate nearly zero heat. No sweating or overheating anymore!

That’s it! Now that you got a round-up of our best lighted travel makeup mirrors, share with us where your Rikilovesriki mirrors are going around the world on IG @rikilovesriki.





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