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Article: Is the RIKI MIRROR Worth It?

RIKILOVESRIKI mirrors are the influencer favorite mirrors

Is the RIKI MIRROR Worth It?

Five Reasons You Need A RIKI LOVES RIKI Lighted Makeup Mirror On Your Vanity RIght Now.

Wondering if the RIKILOVESRIKI vanity mirrors are worth the hype? Here are five reasons why you need one in your life. 

1. Makeup looks 100x better.

Ever do your makeup and thought you looked flawless like Beyonce ...

beyonce hair flip

… but then you checked yourself out in the car, and there's a lot of blotchiness or streaks? Lack of proper lighting can be bad news, even for the best makeup artist.

All RIKI vanity mirrors have LED lights with HD daylight lighting - lights that mimic natural daylight. Some mirrors come with dimming stages, allowing you to choose your level of brightness.

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is an index that measures light and its effects on an object's color. The CRI Index Chart measures light sources on a scale from 0 to 100. The criteria to be highly ranked is for a source to produce light that matches a natural light source - like the sun.

We are proud to say that all RIKI products rank 90+ on the CRI index. We know that great makeup applications begin with great lighting anywhere you are.

RIKI SKINNY features a 90+ CRI that makes you look much better with the lighting

2. Go-to travel companion.

Let's face it. Hotel lighting sucks. That's why we made sure most of our mirrors to be travel-friendly. The days of sitting on the hotel floor near a window trying to get as much daylight as you can to do your makeup are over. Many of our mirrors come with a protective case, but if you would like a cute travel bag to keep your mirror safe and intact, check these out. RIKI mirrors are light-weight and compact - perfect for the girl-on-the-go.

The mirrors we recommend the most for traveling are:

3. Easy set-up, easy clean-up, and easy tech.

It only takes a few seconds to set up a RIKI mirror, anyone can do it. Each mirror comes with a manual with simple step-by-step instructions, and we guarantee you won't break a sweat - or a nail. The LED lights are also energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Traditional vanity light bulbs are dust magnets and hard to clean. RIKI vanity mirrors with LED lights are sleek and smooth without those old school light bulbs. With a quick wipe of a microfiber cloth, you can get rid of all the dust bunnies and not have to go around light bulbs.

You don't have to be tech-savvy to work or set up a RIKI mirror. No wiring required! Charge them like your cellphone and when the battery is full, unplug and go. Except for the RIKI Tall, which requires a connection to an outlet at all times.

Both the RIKI SKINNY and RIKI TALL have Bluetooth technology. Clip your phone to the magnetic phone holder and attach it to the mirror. With a quick touch of a button, you can take flawless and perfectly lit selfies.

Image taken by rikilovesriki of RIKI SKINNY | Oprah's Favorite Thing

4. Won’t sweat your makeup off.

A major concern regarding vanity mirrors is the hot lights. Many illuminated vanity mirrors produce excessive heat that makes makeup applications and hair styling with hot tools uncomfortable.  

hot wendy williams GIF

Luckily with a RIKI mirror, you don't ever have to worry about that. All RIKI mirror LED lights generate virtually no heat. So no overheating or sweating your makeup off before you even had the chance to get out the door.

5. Sleek, compact, and modern design.

RIKI vanity mirrors are sleek and modern. Yet they still have that Hollywood glam - Marilyn Monroe vibe that we all secretly want from a vanity mirror. They're light-weight, thin, and take little room on your vanity table, suitcase, or purse. RIKI mirrors match all interior designs and will always be the center of attention. 

Image taken by rikilovesriki of RIKI TALL

So are the RIKI mirrors worth it? Yes, they are, and we're not biased - promise. Our RIKI fam is growing day by day as more beauty lovers are spreading the word. Check out our Instagram to see! 

RIKILOVESRIKI's mission was to solve an issue bombarding the beauty industry for many years - quality lighting solutions. Today, we have all types of mirrors. From magnifying mirrors, portable vanity mirrors, and large table-top vanity mirrors. All with innovative features that you will fall in love with.



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